CARBON FLOW, paddle of the year 2021


Our paddle CARBON FLOW returns, one more year, to be the most voted paddle in the @superos_astures competition.

Two consecutive years winning as the best rowing of the year. 2020/2021.

The champion rowboat of Spain that the people who follow SUPeros Astures are clear, by 224 votes compared to the 15 taken by the other finalist.

Thank you very much to all.

Carbon Flow is a paddle, exclusive to SPS, made of Carbon Composite in a matte finish and non-slip neck.

Its 70 paddle makes it a truly special paddle. Designed to gain agility in maneuvers and to gain cadence in paddling, surfing waves will never be the same again.

But not only it is good for waves, it can also be used by juniors as a race or ride paddle, having a 70 blade will make it easier for them to move the paddle, and they will notice that the effort will be less than with the paddles for “adults”.

More information about the CARBON FLOW  paddle.

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