Living adventures with EVO in French Polynesia


Our friend Iñigo Ruiz sends us his magical experience in French Polynesia with our inflatable board Evo Azul :

I have been to French Polynesia, more specifically to a small island next to Tahiti called Moorea.

The island is green with a lot of vegetation, as paradise has always been described to us, surrounded by a reef that delimits a clear lagoon with crystal clear turquoise waters.

I decided to travel with the paddle because it was the easiest way to see marine life. Every day I would go for a walk inside the Lagoon without going outside the reef. The easiest thing to find were the rays and blacktip sharks, which on every walk I had them under me.

In my paddle I always carried my fins, a diving mask and some weights, so as soon as I saw the possibility of jumping into the water when I saw something different, I simply jumped into the water to enjoy the turtles and the “eagle rays” (one of the days I was in the current zone with 16 of them).

But without a doubt the most spectacular day came on a day that was not windy. I took the opportunity to go out of the reef, directly into the open ocean, to what we call “the blue”. Already mounted on the paddle, without jumping into the water I could hear the paddle rumble with the sound of a male humpback whale singing.

I jumped in the water and the sound was magical. My chest trembled with every sound of his song. He was there alone, in the blue, and I was enjoying his song while he rested in the background. He decided to come out next to me, looking at me and letting himself be seen. A unique moment that would not have been possible to enjoy that way without people if it had not been thanks to having the paddle.

This was repeated for an hour and a half. The male completed his cycle every 20 minutes. He would go down to the bottom to sing and rest and I just waited on the surface enjoying his song. Then he would go up to catch air passing by my side.

Definitely if magic exists, it must be something very similar to this.

EVO, a board to live adventures

The EVO gathers everything that a polivalent SUP board needs: stability, good design and ease of use.

You can’t go to the water without it, on the beach, river, lake, or even on your boat. And of course, always ready to take her on a trip, either by plane or car.

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