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Platform Pack (350x200x20) + Inflatable Slide

Get ready to enjoy summer like never before!


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Discover our new Pack: Inflatable Platform and Inflatable Slide

Multipurpose platform for all types of boats

Introducing our innovative inflatable platform, designed to be the perfect companion for any boat. This product stands out for its ultra-resistance, lightness and ease of storage.

Main features:

D-rings: Allow secure attachment to the boat or anchorage, ensuring stability at all times.
Transport Handles: They facilitate both climbing onto the platform from the water and transporting it when not in use.
Customization: We offer the possibility of customizing the platform according to the colors and measurements of your boat, ensuring perfect integration with your boat.


Length: 300cm
Width: 200cm
Floor color: Beige
Volume: 93 liters
Weight: 16kg


Inflatable slide

Our inflatable slide is the perfect complement to any water event. Ideal for a wide variety of occasions, from house parties and camping trips to corporate events and bachelor parties, it guarantees hours of entertainment and laughter.


Length: 416 cm
Width: 210cm
Height: 230cm

Imagine the excitement of participants sliding down a slide in an aquatic environment, creating unforgettable memories.

For more information and to customize your order, do not hesitate to contact us.


This pack includes

  • Transport bag

  • High pressure pump

  • Repair kit