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Paddle SUP FIN 3D Keeler Basic

3D technology at the service of Paddle surfing


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The Keeler Basic 3D Paddle Surf Fin is ideal for those looking for a keel that has speed, stability and maneuverability characteristics. Keeler fins are made from a single piece, without assembled parts, without joints and without screws, which make them totally aerodynamic, highly resistant and impeccably efficient products. Manufactured in "PolyKeeler complex" and specially designed for the practice of Paddle surfing, they offer great versatile features due to their high resistance and low weight. The fixing systems are designed to cover 100% of the tables on the market, as well as the Us box and Sline In. The orca fin-shaped finish gives it the necessary stability you need. The 3D Keeler fins make it easier to move in the water, less paddling and less effort in each one.