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eSea Pro portable electric propeller

For those who wants an extra push


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eSea® consists of two parts, battery, and propeller. They are both integrated into a propeller that can be installed with two simple clicks thanks to its system of coupling to the keel. Simple, fast, and non-intrusive. eSea has a hydrodynamic design. You will notice it only when you need it.
pack eSea® PRO
POWER: 1300W BATTERY: 12Ah (266Wh) MAX THRUST: 12 kg AUTONOMY: Up to hours ADAPTERS: US Fin Box, Slide In, Kayak… CONTROL: Wireless with 3 levels WEIGHT: < 3 Kg BACKPACK: not included APP: Access and profiles control CONTAINS 1x Propeller (consists of two blocks) - 1x 12Ah (266Wh) Ion-Li Battery Module (depending on model) - 1x Engine Module 1x Transport backpack with padded protective compartments 1x Adapter Universal Box 1x Standard charger 220V/3A 1x Allen Key 2,5mm 1x Replacement screws 1x Remote controller with standard GoPro type plug and 2x AAA batteries 1x Access to manuals and information sheet