VIII Solidarity Nautical Mile Bomberos de Barcelona: An Unforgettable Day


Last Sunday, June 30th, Bogatell Beach in Barcelona hosted the VIII Solidarity Nautical Mile organized by the Cultural and Sports Association of Bomberos de Barcelona. This event, which we support once again from SPS, has become an unmissable date on the city’s sports calendar, bringing together swimmers of all ages and levels in a non-competitive aquatic crossing that stood out for its solidarity and community spirit.

At exactly 10:00 AM, the beach was buzzing with activity as participants prepared for their swim. With four different distances to choose from — half nautical mile (926 meters), one nautical mile (1,852 meters), two nautical miles (3,704 meters), and three nautical miles (5,556 meters) — every swimmer found the challenge that best suited their abilities and goals.

The aim of this event went beyond the sporting challenge. With a registration fee of 15 euros, the funds raised were entirely donated to the Spanish Association of Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (AELAM). This association works tirelessly to support people diagnosed with Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM), a rare lung disease that primarily affects women of childbearing age.

Participants swam not only for their own satisfaction and health but also with the awareness of contributing to a noble cause. Solidarity and community spirit were evident throughout the event, with many swimmers and spectators showing their support for AELAM.


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