Surf in Bali with SPS Wave 9×29


Jeff from Paddle Gang has posted this video of his experience in Canggu in Bali with our SPS Wave 9×29. The only inflatable board on the market prepared to learn to surf.

The Wave 9×29 is a board designed to surf waves without complexes. Two points differentiate it from any other: TRIFIN configuration with FCS fin system, and a rubber tail rail.

This allows that with the Wave 9×29 you can stay on the wall of the wave, and perform the maneuvers you want, looking for the limit that you set yourself.

See more features of the Wave 9×29 </ a >

Surf in Bali with wave 9x29 the best wave table on the market

We share an article in which they choose our SPS Wave 9×29 inflatable paddle surf board as the best this year.  Read article ” The best inflatable paddle surf board 2019 “

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