Pilates SUP Beach, committed to cleaning the sea


Elisabet Merino ( @ely_pilatessupbeach), fundadora de Pilates SUP Beach sends us these photos of her last cleaning session along with this comment:

We continue without learning anything, we continue destroying our oceans, our ecosystems, we continue to generate waste, we continue not to love Mother Earth.
The human being does not seem to realize the impact that breaking an ecosystem has on himself.

This season, due to the pandemic, we had not been able to organize a cleaning action, and today, thanks to @vanasdive and @barcelona_gub it has been possible.

We have removed from the bottom of the sea, nothing more and nothing less than 1,600kg of garbage in just 1 hour. Can you imagine what is under our beach?
The sadness of just imagining it, and the pain of just smelling the bags full of waste from our toilets! (the abundance has been wipes, compresses, condoms …)
Is incredible.

Just tomorrow is #worldcleanupday, and I hope that with other actions in the city some awareness can be generated (although I trust the human being less and less 😔)

Stay tuned to their networks because, from the hand of @vanasdive, they will prepare another action where they will need you to be able to remove more garbage and make some more noise (always with the established security measures).

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