Lifeguard activity at the IEM Espai de Mar Summer House


This summer we participated in a lifeguard activity at the IEM Espai de Mar Summer House. Then IEM Espai del Mar himself tells us about the experience.

At the IEM Espai de Mar Summer Camp we attach great importance to the safety of all of us when carrying out sea activities.

That is why we are not only safe when we can help ourselves, but also educate the little ones in the house.

This rescue workshop with SUP boards was carried out so that our students had tools when they were affected by the conditions of the environment or by some discomfort of the companions, be they adults or young people with whom we managed to have a good time, incorporating safety with exercises and games and we made known the main exercises to be able to rescue a person from the water with the paddles.

Exercises for:

-Incorporation of the affected person on the table if you find them unconsciously
-Position on the table with placement of the paddle under the body in terms of thin aids to keep the person in a static position safely
-Transportation of the person safely until reaching the coast, without burden of weight to us and notice of maritime rescue.

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