Stand Up Paddle in the Riaño reservoir


Our friends from the Ocle Paddle surf school sent us this chronicle of a navigation with our SPS inflatable Stand up paddle boards in the Riaño reservoir:

Whenever we arrive at this place the scenery is totally different and incredible, the incredible Lioness Fjords. Generally when we arrive in the morning loaded with our boards, the fog hides the majestic mountains that this reservoir offers us.

The Riaño reservoir is located in the northeast of the province of León, in the autonomous community of Castilla y León, Spain. It belongs to the Duero hydrographic basin and is fed by the sources of the Esla and Yuso rivers. With a capacity of more than 650 cubic hectometres, it was built with the aim of irrigating 84,000 hectares of the Castilian and Leonese moors of Tierra de Campos. The reservoir was designed at the beginning of the 20th century and later during the period of the Republic.

It’s winter, and we leave early from OCLE PADDLE SURF with our jackets, hats and hiking boots, foreseeable in the -7ºC that we will find upon arrival.

After a coffee to warm up, the sun begins to rise and the most absolute peace invites us to warm up to discover this wonderful Reservoir from its waters.

We inflate our boards, warm up a little and head straight to paradise!

This reservoir provides us with different route options depending on the wind conditions we have, so with its 100km of coastline we consider the best option. From the water we enjoyed the silence, the magic of having impressive peaks above us with snow, even waterfalls that in those temperatures have turned into snow stalactites. 2 hours paddling, connecting with ourselves, with the nature that surrounds us.

We leave our usual estuary to find activities like this that allow us to recharge our batteries and continue making Stand Up Paddle our lifestyle.

When we leave the water, the reservoir is totally different from when we arrived: sun, everything clear… and a wonderful table in a small park with 30cm of snow awaits us to regain strength.

We will never get tired of paddling, especially in places like this.
Barrio Pesués Estación 6A / Pesués / Cantabria

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