Our Ambassadors: Centro de Surf de Somo


Today in our section Our Ambassadors we speak with Centro de Surf de Somo 

The Somo Surf Center was inaugurated in July 2012, being one of the most anticipated executions framed within the Surf Product Competitiveness Plan shared by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, the Ministry of Innovation, Industry, Tourism and Commerce of the Government of Cantabria and Ribamontán al Mar Town Hall.

El Centro de Surf de Somo se encuentra ubicado sobre el paseo marítimo y junto al flamante skatepark de Somo

The first receiving center of Surf in Spain is located on the seafront and next to the brand new Somo skatepark, occupying 450 square meters divided into two independent blocks.

With a federative delegation within the building, the management of the sports facilities of the Surf Center falls to the Cantabrian Surf Federation, the result of a collaboration agreement with the Ribamontán al Mar City Council.

El Centro de Surf de Somo fue concebido para ofrecer una utilidad práctica para el colectivo surfero

Conceived to offer a practical utility for the surfing community, the building combines different services: the north module includes the specifically surfing section with changing rooms, lockers, hot showers and a storage for tables, while the south block houses the reception, the office tourism and the multipurpose training room where the permanent exhibition on the “History of Surfing in Cantabria” is located.

Both modules are linked by an interior corridor where the public showers are located. The facilities are completed with a cafeteria, whose concession contributes to defray the maintenance costs of the center

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