Buy paddle surf paddle, fixed, adjustable or 3 pieces?


If you are hesitating when buying your new paddle surf paddle, Jeff from the  Paddle Surf Blog will give you some clues to help you choose the type of paddle. It will depend on the use and benefits you want your paddle to offer you…

The SUP paddle is undoubtedly the most important element when it comes to paddle surfing. It is clear that without the board we would do little with the paddle, but it is the paddle the element that we have in our hands and helps us move. I say it is the most important because the type of board wider, longer, heavier,… we will not notice much difference either, but the paddle… if it is too heavy, too short, too long, the blade too wide, it can completely change the experience.

3 pieces paddle

Description. The 3 pieces paddle is designed to be carried out with an inflatable board, as they are paddles that, as the name suggests, can be disassembled into 3 parts so that they take up very little space. Paddles that can be adjusted to height.

Material. The 3 pieces paddles are usually made of aluminum, fiberglass, or carbon fiber.

Advantages. This paddle is very comfortable when traveling since we can carry it in the backpack of our paddle surf board, without knowing it. We can use it by sharing it with other people of different heights since we can also regulate the height.

Disadvantages. It is a paddle that offers fewer benefits. Being a 3 piece paddle, the paddle has parts for its fixing so it will be a heavier paddle. Also, as it has cylinders inside another, it will be a paddle that flexes very little so we will get more tired and will punish our joints more. Another drawback is the maintenance if we use it in salt water since it will be rinsed well after each use to remove the salt inside and outside. FIBER GLASS 3P – €85.00

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Adjustable paddle.

Description. The adjustable paddle is a paddle that can be adjusted in height depending on our height or the type of use that we are going to give to our board. The hight at which the paddle can be adjusted is usually between 165cm and 215cm.  Material. Adjustable SUP paddles are usually made of aluminum, fiberglass, or carbon fiber.

Advantages. It is a relatively small paddle (165cm) that can be stored and transported without taking up much space. It is a paddle that can be shared with the family. If we are going to practice SUP surf with waves, we can reduce the height of the paddle; if we are going to practice a SUP race, we can give more height to the paddle. CARBON VARIO 2p – €235.00

Disadvantages. Depending on the quality of the paddle, more or less water will enter its interior every time we fall into the water. If we are practicing SUP surfing, from time to time we will have to open it to get the water out of it or every time it will increasingly weight more. Another drawback is the maintenance, we most thoroughly rinse our paddle inside and out to remove the salt residue inside. Otherwise, the saltpeter will diminish the height adjustment system. Finally, it will be a paddle that will flex more than 3 pieces but much less than a fixed one.

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Fixed paddle.

Description. This paddle must be cut to a specific height. We can cut it shorter if we need it but the paddle does not grow, so we have to be careful when cutting it as not to overdo it. The height at which it must be cut will depend on the type of board that we are going to use, the discipline we are going to practice, and the hight of the rider. As a general rule, the paddle should be cut between the rider’s hight up to 20 cms more than the rider’s height.

Material. Fixed paddles are usually made of aluminum, fiberglass, carbon fiber, kevlar, or wood. 

Disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage of the fixed paddle is its size. Being a paddle that will measure between 170cms and 215 cms it is bulkier when transporting it and when having to store it. Another drawback of this paddle is that if we acquire a level of SUP we will end up cutting it at our height or even lower. If we like to practice SUP race or do long crossings this paddle would no longer serve and we would have to acquire another one.

Advantages. The first thing is that it is a lighter paddle than as there is no need to put extra elements that would increase the weight to fix the different parts. On the other hand, it is a paddle that flexes more than the others. The pole is a single cylinder and allows you to flex more when paddling so we will tire less and take care of our joints. It has no maintenance, we can rinse it on the outside if we want, but as it is a one-piece paddle it should not enter water inside it, so we will have not to worry about the saltpeter. We will have not to worry either about adjusting or maintaining the fixing pieces of the different parts of the paddle.      CARBON R-85 – 235.00


  • If you want it to take up little space, you travel a lot with your board or use it sporadically, a 3 pieces paddle.
  • If you want a paddle to share it with the rest of the family but that offers you good benefits, adjustable paddle.
  • If you want a paddle that offers you better benefits, without maintenance and you don’t want to lend it to the rest of the family, fixed paddle.

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